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A Marine's Conflict: A Marine's Heart Book 4

Mags Newsome has already given over a decade of her life to the Marine Corps. She’s learned to compartmentalize her life to survive the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that keeps servicemembers from serving openly. But that’s also kept her from any meaningful relationships.

Elaine ‘Lane’ Chapman moved to the US from England with her girlfriend who soon left her. Remaining in sunny southern California, Elaine built a life for herself as a college math professor, content to experience love through romance novels rather than risk her heart again.

A chance encounter in a bookstore cafe brings the two women together where they discover an off the charts attraction. As they battle their feelings to maintain their ‘friends with benefits’ agreement, another war looms in the Middle East, threatening everything they’ve built.

A Marine’s Conflict is a standalone lesbian romance in the Marine’s Heart series, with overlapping events from A Marine Discovery.

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Don't ever assume that autism scientists (like Simon Baron-Cohen) know what they're doing, though. By the late Mel Baggs (@myceliorum): https://ballastexistenz.wordpress.com/2016/05/01/dont-ever-assume-autism-researchers-know-what-theyre-doing/

And I finally have a draft of the first half of Linking Turns! Up next? Push these kids until they break, and then embrace their potency and change the world. (I really hate making my characters suffer.)
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My daughter transitioned at the end of primary school, started secondary school as her true, authentic, beautiful self and now she has NO access to blockers thanks to this T R A S H government and will have to go through a male puberty IN SECONDARY SCHOOL at 13!

It’s cruel. https://twitter.com/erininthemorn/status/1334574820923764737

Erin, wishing for snow@ErinInTheMorn

Imagine you're a kid in the UK and transitioned at 5. You're stealth, a "regular girl" in school, on blockers. Nobody knows.

You're 14. The govt just took your blockers away.

All your friends are about to see you go through a male puberty.

We can't forgive the UK govt for this

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