Journey to Screenwriting

Jax added screenwriting to their writing when accepted into the 2020-2021 Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project. During the program Jax completed their first feature screenplay, Linking Turns. Through the valuable education and mentorship, they have multiple ideas in work, including two feature films, a short film, and TV pilot.

As an LGBTQ screenwriter, Jax focuses on increasing quality representation in all forms of media. All scripts include LGBTQ+ main characters with happy endings that will appeal to a mainstream audience.  

Full scripts can be found on Coverfly or can be requested via email. Synopsis and writing samples will be added below as they are available.

Linking Turns - Coming of age sports feature (Unproduced)

Inspired by the semi-pro snowboarder she’s been crushing on, a transgender teen enters the competitive snowboarding circuit only to face controversy when a competitor discovers she’s trans.

Lego versions of Faith and Ripley sitting in snow
Lego versions of Faith and Ripley

Grace Note - Sapphic romcom short film (Planning production in 2021)

When catfishing bleeds into reality, two women find more connection in the failed date than either expected.

Jax will be filming Grace Note ideally in late summer of 2021. The script will be table read May 2. More details to come.

Flying Colors - Dramatic feature film (in progress)

Think Top Gun, but with lesbians.

Untitled - Music focused romcom feature film (in progress)

For my readers, this film is an adaptation of the book I’m currently writing which features Cam and Sharon – but reincarnated as Cade and Reyna. Details are available for members of my Patreon.

Wonderful, Colorado - 1 hour TV drama (in progress)

A fictional mountain town at the intersection of cultures looking for its identity.

Is that all?

Not remotely. But these are the projects I’m actively working on in 2021. Stay tuned!