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Dal Segno Audiobook Review

Judith posted a lovely review of the Dal Segno audiobook, narrated by the prolific Stephanie Murphy. You can find her full review here.

Dal Segno Audio Cover

A few months before her 40th birthday, Cam is ready for the next part of her life. She takes a sabbatical to take music classes at the local college. One of her teachers happens to be her former high school teacher, Laura.

Two things make this slow burn romance different from most I’ve read so far. One is not so rare: Cam is a widow, still mourning the death of the woman who shared most of her adult life with her. The other difference is Cam’s autism. Sometimes in romances, I feel like shaking the MCs so they will see what’s happening, or communicate better etc. In this novel (Jax Meyer’s debut), it all makes sense.

While it’s definitely a romance, the main interest of the book resides in that it’s told from Cam’s POV, with all the ways her POV differs from most people’s. Jax Meyer did a great job on that. The narration was really good too, despite some of the silences being a tad too long for my taste. But I completely forgot about them after a while and simply enjoyed the story.

In a previous version of this review, I wrote that my only complaint was that I wish I could have heard the music… Thanks to JulesGP on Goodreads for letting me know there’s a playlist by Jax Meyer on YouTube.

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