New Release: A Marine’s Conflict

When I write a book, I never know what people will think. I do my very best to write a story people will enjoy but then it gets put into the world and there’s nothing I can do but watch. 

A Marine’s Conflict is now out in the world. Thanks to a team of beta and ARC readers, I know it’s a good book. Most people believe it’s the best book so far. I can’t be objective, but I do know it was a fun story to write, thanks in no small part to my co-author Elle Armstrong.

Like Lane and Mags, Elle and I are very different people who work well together. Elle’s humor resulted in many of the more ridiculous scenes that make me smile or straight up laugh. And her voice, both as a Brit and being uniquely her, gives this book a slightly different feel from my other books. At the same time, it’s still firmly grounded in the Marine’s Heart universe. In the coming days I’ll post an interview with Elle so you can get to know her better. 

With all new releases Amazon is slow to post reviews, but many ARC readers have already posted their reviews to Goodreads if you’d like to see what they think. 

For patrons who are due copies of the book, I’ll create a patron only post with it attached. For everyone else, you can find the book in the US store here. For any other country you can click here

I hope you’ll like the book enough to spread the word about it in your own ways. Your reviews and posts help others find my work (and now Elle’s) so have a far reaching impact. If you ever have questions about the behind the scenes side of the writing process, feel free to ask. 

Happy reading!

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