A Marine’s Conflict is Available in Paperback

For you physical book types, A Marine’s Conflict is now available in paperback. We had to price it a little higher than the other books due to printing costs. Amazon literally wouldn’t allow me to price it any lower than $14.91, but it is a longer book so it makes sense. 

Sometimes it takes Amazon a bit of time to show books in the right location so if you want to go directly to the US store, here’s the link. https://amzn.to/337Xno4

For those interested in autographed copies we’ll have to be creative. Elle lives in England and I live in the US. So, whoever is the closest will end up getting the book and physically autographing it. The other can autograph a book plate or postcard or something and mail that. Unfortunately postage is just too expensive to send a book all over the planet as just shipping this book overseas costs about $25 – not including the price of the book. But we’ll do our best to find a solution if you want autographs.

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