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Book sale!

Times are challenging for a lot of people. The good news is that a whole lot of lesbian/WLW books are going to be on sale through May 22 through I heart lesfic. If you aren’t already a subscriber, head there now and sign up. Then you’ll know about the twice yearly sales, plus weekly new releases. 

The sale allows authors to include up to three books, and since I have four books, I kept things simple. For the next week, all of my books are just $.99. Even Marine Discovery which is pretty new. 

Prepare for Marine's Heart book 4

If you haven’t read A Marine Discovery yet, you might want to, as book 4 will be available in less than two months. A Marine’s Conflict begins before A Marine Discovery, and then overlaps through the deployment and afterwards. You’ll be able to read book 4 without reading the prior 3, but you’ll have a deeper understanding of the bigger picture if you read in order. 


There are a few differences between Mags and Lane’s story in book 4 and Cam and Sharon’s story in books 2-3. First, Lane is a civilian, and turns out to be Cam’s calculus professor in college. Second, Mags has already been in the Marine Corps for 13 or so years, had two tours as a drill instructor, and was one of Cam’s drill instructors. She has more to lose compared to a younger Marine. And third, this book is co-written with my friend Elle Armstrong who really brought Lane to life, with all her Britishisms. 

I hope you’ll give A Marine’s Conflict a read once it’s released. And until then, get to know them through A Marine Discovery. 

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