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JulesGP from LezReviewBooks did just that in her review of A Marine Discovery, which you can read in full here

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Is it a hard thing to do or is it something unchangeable? That’s the question that Cam Warren asks herself throughout this book and it’s such a potent query.

I do recall Cam asking these question, but I hadn’t realized it was a theme throughout, but it makes sense. It’s a question I’m having to ask myself frequently, even if I’m not putting it into those same words. And yet, I’m often still quite frustrated by  situations no matter the answer. 

Why does life have to be so hard? Why can’t I change this immediately? Many an internal rant has involved these very questions. 

Cam and Sharon are one of my favorite young couples in fiction.

Mine too! And I know a few others who would agree. Giving them entirely new situations to navigate, as well as new friends, was a blast. Once I get a little room to breathe with writing I plan to write one or two short stories that happen in the first few months after Marine Discovery ends. I just can’t fully let these kids go.

Lastly, Marines are hot and there are plenty of steamy scenes to prove it.


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